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Best Things About Optometry School

Here’s an article that will provide both entertainment and motivation!  It is the latest offering from ASCO’s Blog. The article features current optometry students in every year of their four year programs.

I always tell pre-optometry students that they are doing the hard part now, which is all the preparation and coursework it takes to apply. It’s hard because you’re doing it in a vacuum, meaning that you don’t have fellow classmates to motivate and inspire. That will all change when you are immersed in optometry school and buoyed by your classmates, where you are all working together to become optometrists.

Read it and be inspired because you NEED this motivation to keep working toward your goal of joining our ranks, first as an optometry student and then as a doctor of optometry!

Best Things About Optometry School is the link to access this article online through ASCO’s website.

Snippet of Blog Article

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