Applying Through OptomCAS: Your Application Roadmap

It’s time to start working on your application for this year’s 2016-17 admissions cycle.

To get you started, here’s a terrific article about applying through OptomCAS. The article provides tips on how to get your application completed, and then a detailed “roadmap” as to how your application will move through the various stages of the process. It will help with questions and any misconceptions you may have about the process.

Applying early increases your chances for a smoother process, so don’t let procrastination or interfere with getting your application submitted.

Getting ready to take the OAT?  Here are articles written by those before you with tips and advice on how to prepare to take the OAT.

If you are looking for used OAT prep materials, or if you have ones to sell, see this section of the blog that hosts ads for used OAT prep materials.

This is an especially exciting time for all who are applying. I wish you all the best!

Featured Image_Applying Through OptomCAS


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